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Sunset at the Booth
1999 A. Victor Goodpasture/ProDigital.*

What is this web site about?
Many have heard about this lonely phone booth.  Is it for real -- or just a tale?  What does it look like?  What do you do there?

Everyone asks about it -- so we dedicate this site to the collection of useless bits of information about the Cinder Peak Phone.   We always knew it was there -- out there somewhere!  Now, everyone seems to know, too.

Euphemistically referred to as The Mojave Phone Booth, the phone at Cinder Peak was first installed over 50 years ago when the Cinder Peak Mine was in operation deep in what today is the Mojave Desert National Preserve.

Having survived over fifty years with summer temperatures soaring past 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celcius) and frigid winters with the lows reaching below 25 degrees Fahrenheit  (-4  for our Celcius friends), the Cinder Peak Phone is isolated in the middle of a beautiful national preserve.

Follow through this site to learn more about it, and our trek there in November, 1999.

*Note:  The photographs on these pages are a collection of our own, and a few from another enthusiast we met at the phone, Victor Goodpasture, of Carlsbad, California USA.  Vic is a professional photographer as you can readily see from the un-retouched example at the top of this page of another enthusiast we met at the booth, Gretchen of San Francisco.  Taken at sunset, November 16, 1999.  His web site is at:


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